Are Your Kids Begging You for Bunk Beds?

Are Your Kids Begging You for Bunk Beds?

Surprise them with custom bunk beds in Ennis or Bozeman, MT

Just about every kid has dreamed of sleeping on the top bunk at some point. You've probably even been waiting for the day your kids start bothering you about getting bunk beds in their room.

Instead of spending hours looking for the right set of bunk beds, hire Boulder Field Construction, LLC to build you custom bunk beds. Relying on over 24 years of custom carpentry experience, our team goes above and beyond on every project. Whether you already have a vision for custom bunk beds or need some inspiration, we'll create the ideal design in a short amount of time.

Contact us today to discuss your vision for custom bunk beds with a local expert in Ennis or Bozeman, MT.

Bunk beds are perfect for vacation homes

When you rely on Boulder Field Construction for custom carpentry services in Boseman or Ennis, MT, you'll quickly learn that we can build any type of bunk bed you're looking for. Custom bunk beds are ideal for vacation homes because they:

  • Will save you money on buying multiple beds
  • Will save you a ton of space in any room
  • Will keep your children entertained
  • Allow you to customize the design

Hire Boulder Field Construction today to start designing custom bunk beds for your vacation home.